Deutsch: Resortkollektion / Español: Colección de Resort / Português: Coleção Resort / Français: Collection de Resort / Italian: Collezione Resort

Resort Collection in the fashion context refers to a pre-season line of clothing designed for vacations and travel, particularly aimed at warm-weather destinations. These collections, also known as "cruise collections" or "holiday collections," typically feature lightweight, versatile pieces that are suitable for leisurely activities, beachwear, and resort stays.


A Resort Collection is a specific line of apparel that fashion designers and brands release in between their main seasonal collections (spring/summer and fall/winter). These collections cater to the affluent clientele who travel to warm destinations during the colder months, such as tropical resorts or Mediterranean cruises. Resort collections are characterized by their focus on comfort, ease, and style, often including items like:

  • Swimwear and Beachwear: Bikinis, one-pieces, cover-ups, and kaftans.
  • Lightweight Dresses: Sundresses, maxi dresses, and flowing gowns.
  • Casual Wear: Shorts, linen pants, lightweight blouses, and T-shirts.
  • Evening Wear: Elegant yet relaxed dresses and outfits suitable for resort dinners and events.
  • Accessories: Sun hats, beach bags, sunglasses, and sandals.

Historically, resort collections emerged as a way for luxury fashion houses to cater to their wealthy clients who traveled extensively and needed suitable attire year-round. Today, these collections are an integral part of the fashion calendar, offering a preview of trends that might influence the upcoming spring/summer lines.

Application Areas

Resort Collections are particularly popular in several contexts, including:

  1. Luxury Travel: High-end resorts and exclusive destinations where style and comfort are paramount.
  2. Cruise Vacations: Clothing designed for the unique lifestyle of cruise ship travel.
  3. Beach Holidays: Apparel and accessories perfect for seaside vacations.
  4. Year-Round Warm Climates: Regions where the weather is consistently warm, making resort wear a staple throughout the year.

Well-Known Examples

Prominent examples of Resort Collections include:

  • Chanel: Known for its luxurious and sophisticated resort collections, often showcased in exotic locations.
  • Dior: Frequently features elegant and fashion-forward pieces in their resort lines.
  • Gucci: Offers bold and vibrant designs that reflect the carefree spirit of resort wear.
  • Tommy Bahama: Specializes in casual resort wear that embodies the relaxed vibe of island living.
  • Tory Burch: Combines classic styles with a modern twist in her resort collections.

Special: Importance of Resort Collections

Resort collections have become a significant revenue stream for fashion brands, filling the gap between major fashion seasons and providing an opportunity to experiment with new styles and trends. These collections often set the tone for upcoming spring/summer lines and allow brands to maintain a year-round presence in the fashion market.

Similar Terms

  • Cruise Collection: Another term for resort collection, emphasizing travel and leisure.
  • Holiday Collection: Similar to resort collection but can also include festive attire for holiday celebrations.
  • Pre-Season Collection: General term for collections released ahead of the main fashion seasons.
  • Vacation Wear: Clothing specifically designed for holiday travel and leisure.


A Resort Collection in the fashion context is a pre-season line of clothing tailored for vacations, particularly in warm-weather destinations. These collections feature a range of items from swimwear to evening dresses, designed for comfort and style. Resort collections have historical roots in catering to affluent travelers and have become an essential part of the fashion industry, influencing upcoming trends and providing brands with an additional revenue stream. Notable examples include luxurious offerings from Chanel and Dior, as well as more casual styles from brands like Tommy Bahama.


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