Tresor is a Perfume launched in 1990 by Lancome. It was created ny IFF Perfumer Sophia Grosjman who also later become the Vice President of IFF.

The "Tresor" name had first been used by Lancome for a 1952 fragrance but it was this second Tresor that has been the real success for Lancome and its parent company, since 1964, L'Oreal.

The fragrance itself has top notes of rose, lilac and lilly of the valley, a heart of iris and heliotrope, then saldalwood, musk and amber and modified by peach and apricot as its base.

The inverted pyramid bottle was designed by Style Marque.

From a perfumer's point of view, Tresor is significant for its structure. In fact, describing Tresor in the classic top note, heart note, base note manner overlooks the fact that Tresor was constructed through a unitary method in which the top note, to a large extent, holds its power throughout evaporation.

Grosjman has been credited with pioneering this marketing-oriented structure in which the fragrance that the consumer received from the first application (or tester blotter) is, for the most part, the fragrance that remains on her body. There is none of the traditional unfolding of one layer into another _ and disappointment from the fragrance changing away from the first scent out of the bottle.

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