Glossary V

Variegated refers to multi-colored fabrics where colors are splotched or in patches.

Variegated means having streaks, marks, or patches of different colors; distinguished or charac

Vastra is the Hindi word for "Clothes"

Velveteen refers to a more modern adaptation of velvet, Velveteen is made from cotton and has a little give.

Velveteen is also known as Imitation Velvet.

Vent is a term used since the 15th century referring to vertical slits in garments (sides of the shirts, Hem of the jacket), usually from the Hem toward the waist. Used in coats, glov

Vents refer to the openings on coats in the lower part of a seam, or a slit in the garment. Tuxedo have center or side vents, or can be non-vented.

Vermarine refers to the green Quartz also know lime citrine, green amethyst. Prasiolite is the gemological name of Vermarine . It is a material used in jewelry making.

Vermeil refers to a gold plated silver. Vermeil is also defined as an article of Sterling Silver jewelry that has been plated in 14 karat Gold.

Very Low Back refers to a back style that shows the back lower than the waistline, and with or without straps. A Very Low Back dresses/gowns/top are best for slim figures.