- Adler (House of Adler) : Adler refers to a jewelry house founded by Jaques Adler in 1886: He was born in the Austro-Hungarian empire. He devoted himself to a love of precious stones.He began his career in Vienna as a jeweller's apprentice. His passion for precious stones then led him to open an atelier in Istanbula, Turkey. The contrast between East and West, so salient in Istanbul, was to have a lasting impact on Adler's jewellery designs. Adler jewels can be recognized through their liberal curves and abundant sparkles.

His son, Edouard Adler became the court jewellers of the Ottoman Empire and opened up a second shop in Istanbul in 1955.

In 1972 the firm moved to Geneva and throught the years designing and creating jewelries, they were able to open Adler boutiques/shops in various big cities around the world, namely in Geneva, Tokyo, Moscow, Hong Kong, London, and Dubai.

Adler is still active in jewellery, last June 2009, the company presented the first finals of the Adler Jewellery Design Award which took place in Geneva. The competition's top award was presented to Laura Infante, an 18-year-old candidate from Switzerland. The Adler Woman's Award was given to Japanese designer Sawako Besnard, and the Adler Award for Creativity went to Turkish designer Olcay Cavus Yilmaz.