Accurist refers to a London-based, family-run watch manufacturer offering both men and women quality timepieces in various metals and styles at an affordable price point. Accurist was founded by Asher and Rebecca Loftus in 1946, the company is now owned by brothers Andrew and Richard Loftus.

Accurist s biggest contribution to watch making was by introducing fashion into watches. The Accurist brand endeavored to change the old way of thinking- that buying a watch is a one off purchase. Rather they created brightly colored watches that were trendy and matched the hip age of mini skirts and swinging sixties. Among the fashion icons who wear Accurist are: Princess Anne, The Beatles and Twiggy.

As Accurist testimony to their quality, their digital quartz watch was chosen as the official watch for the pilots of the Concorde aircraft. In 1970, Accurist signed a deal to have its watches worn by Concorde pilots, and a famous television ad in 1978 starring John Cleese not only spread the Accurist name throughout England, it won several awards.

Technology advances have been an important element of Accurist watches. They were the first watch company to actively promote the 21 Jewel lever-movement and Accurist 21 Jewels became the company slogan setting a standard in watches that was later to be followed by many others.

Accurist has been the sponsor of the BT speaking clock since 1986.

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