Deutsch: Knopf / Español: Botón / Português: Botão / Français: Bouton / Italiano: Pulsante /

Button refers to a typically thin, small disc-like piece of solid materials of hard substance which have holes or a shank through which it is sewed to one side of an article of clothi ng and used to fasten or close the garment by passing through a loop or hole in the other side. The most common purpose of buttons is to secure the openings of garments, by sliding the button through a slit in the piece of cloth to which the first is to be held. The slit is only sufficiently wide to allow the button to be fully pushed through while still remaining stitched to the first piece of cloth. Buttons are also sometimes used for decorative effect, used as an embellishment, with or without a practical function.

Buttons can be made of wood, mother-of-pearl, plastic, etc.

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