Collar refers to the part of a garment that encircles the neck.. The collar may be separate from or attached to the garment. Moreover, a collar is the turned back material of the coat that follows the back of the neck.

Collar is a term used in shoe making business referring to a strip of material stitched to the opening of a shoe or the topline. The (shoe) collar can be padded for extra comfort.

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Collars (1 of 4): part of the blouse that surrounds the neck.
Crew neck: neckline arriving at the base of the neck.
Scoop neckline: neckline leaving the base of the neck uncovered.
Off shoulder neckline: neckline leaving the shoulders uncovered.
Keyhole neck: neckline provided with a small opening in the middle.
U-necked: low neckline looking like a ‘U".
Bateau neckline: neckline that finishes in points on the shoulders.
Strapped neck: neckline provided with straps passing on the shoulders.
Square neckline: low neckline looking like a square.
Sweetheart neckline: low neckline that forms the higher part of a heart shape.
V-necked: low neckline looking like a ‘V".
Plunging neckline: very low neckline.
High collar: collar which goes up on the neck.
Collars (2 of 4): part of the blouse that surrounds the neck.
Draped neckline: collar provided with supple pleats.
Stand-up collar: high collar whose straight edges meet in front without attaching.
Mandarin collar: high collar whose rounded edges meet in fromt without attaching.
High-necked garment: collar not added on which goes up on the neck.
Wing collar: high collar whose points are folded up.
Wrap-over neckline: ‘V" neckline formed by fronts which cross.
A-line neck: neckline widening downwards.
Reversed A-line neck: neckline narrowing downwards.
Shawl collar: folded back collar whose lapels cross.
Front sailor collar: collar whose front is a point with a yoke.
Back sailor collar: collar whose back is prolonged by a big square.
Asymetrical neckline: neck whose edges are unequal.
Collars (3 of 4): part of the blouse that surrounds the neck.
Peter Pan collar: flat collar with round points.
Removable Peter Pan collar: removable flat collar with round points.
Bow neck: large points collar provided with ribbons.
Collaret: collar provided with pleats or puckers.
Bertha collar: big round collar covering the shoulders.
Cape collar: collar provided with large points.
Square collar: large squared collar falling down on the chest.
Swan-necked: collar whose opening looks like a swan's nozzle.
Lapel collar: collar provided with folded up points.
Poet collar: collar deprived of angle between the collar and the lapels.
Dog ear collar: collar whose points are round.
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