Bangle refers to a style/kind of bracelet consisting of a closed ring, a hoop usually made of metal, glass or plastic and often brightly colored. Likewise, a Bangle a stiff ornamental brac elet, which is slipped or clasped on. Some bangles have a hinge while others are solid and must be slipped over the hand or that slides over the hand to put it on. Bangles became popular in the 1980's but until now Bangles are can available in any fashion jewelry stores. They come in different colors and shapes (often round and square) and may be plain or have designs etched on them. Normally, more than one bangle are worn on both wrists by girls.

There is also a "flexible bangle" - one which opens flat and is stiff when closed. Bangles may be completely solid or open at the ends which pass each other creating a cuff style bracelet also sometimes called a Bangle. This style bracelet often twists on from the side of the wrist. It is very common to see people wearing several bangle bracelets together, while some are wearing identical bangles on both wrists.

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