Chuval is a Turkic word used to describe a roughly 2" x 3" (60 x 90 cm) sack used by nomads and villagers in Iran and Turkey for, among other things, grain and flour storage. Typicall y opening at one short end, sometimes with "handles” cut from warp-faced bands. Its structures include weft-faced plainweave, brocades, weft-substitution weave, sumakh and pile.

In Central Asia, the term is applied to a different type of bag, usually pile-woven on the face, with the back weft-faced plainweave. It is most commonly used to store and transport bedding.Sizes range from about 2" x 3" to 4" x 6" (60-120 x 90-180 cm). Such bags are open on one long side.

Chuval also appears in the literature as "joval”, "juval”, etc.
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