- Cloche (Hat) : Cloche which is the French word for "bell" refers to a women's hat of the 1920's. A Cloche Hat was fitted to the head to cover the head from the back of the neck and pulled down over the for ehead just above the eyes and with a short, bell-shaped brim. Cloche Hats were often made from felt.

Moreover, a Cloche Hat is described as a woman's almost brimless, close-fitting hat with round crown, and with a small flare at the brim edge that was typical of the 1920's and 1930's. Cloche Hat was fashioned from a hood of chiffon or handkerchief felt. Hat that covered the head to the neck in back; then to the eyebrows in front. A flapper age, boyish style.

Cloche is pronounced "klosh".

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