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Necklace in the fashion context refers to a type of jewellery worn around the neck. It is a versatile accessory that can complement a wide range of outfits and is available in various styles, materials, and designs.


In the fashion context, a necklace is a key accessory that can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of an outfit. Necklaces come in numerous styles, including chokers, pendants, chains, and bib necklaces. They can be made from a variety of materials such as gold, silver, platinum, beads, gemstones, pearls, and even fabric or leather.

Historically, necklaces have been worn for thousands of years, often symbolizing status, wealth, or cultural identity. In contemporary fashion, necklaces are used to express personal style and add a finishing touch to ensembles, ranging from casual to formal wear. High-end designers often create statement pieces for runways and red-carpet events, while more affordable options are available for everyday wear.

Special Features

One notable aspect of necklaces in fashion is their ability to transform an outfit. A simple dress can be elevated with a bold statement necklace, while a delicate pendant can add a touch of elegance to a casual look. Necklaces can also be layered to create a more complex and personalized style.

Application Areas

  1. Casual Wear: Simple chains or small pendants that add a subtle touch to everyday outfits.
  2. Formal Wear: Elegant and sophisticated pieces such as pearl necklaces or diamond chokers that complement evening gowns and formal attire.
  3. Business Attire: Classic and understated necklaces that add professionalism to office wear.
  4. Cultural and Religious Significance: Necklaces that carry cultural or religious symbols, often worn as a mark of identity or belief.
  5. Fashion Statements: Bold, unique designs that serve as focal points of an outfit, often seen in fashion shows and editorial shoots.

Well-Known Examples

  1. Pearl Necklace: A timeless classic, often associated with elegance and sophistication.
  2. Diamond Choker: Popular in high fashion and red-carpet events, adding glamour and luxury.
  3. Pendant Necklace: Versatile and can range from simple designs to intricate and personalized pieces.
  4. Beaded Necklace: Common in bohemian and ethnic fashion, often colorful and eclectic.
  5. Chain Necklace: Ranging from delicate chains to chunky, bold designs, often seen in streetwear and hip-hop fashion.

Treatment and Risks

Caring for necklaces involves regular cleaning and proper storage to prevent tarnishing and damage. For precious metals and gemstones, professional cleaning is recommended. Risks include the potential for allergic reactions to certain metals, loss or theft, and damage from improper handling.

Examples of Sentences

  1. She wore a delicate necklace with a small diamond pendant to the dinner party.
  2. Layering multiple necklaces has become a popular trend in street fashion.
  3. His gold chain necklace added a touch of elegance to his business attire.
  4. The museum exhibited ancient Egyptian necklaces made of gold and semi-precious stones.
  5. She chose a statement necklace to complement her simple black dress.

Similar Terms

  1. Choker: A close-fitting necklace worn around the neck.
  2. Pendant: A necklace featuring a hanging ornament or piece.
  3. Chain: A simple, often metal, necklace without additional embellishments.
  4. Beads: Small decorative pieces, often strung together to make a necklace.
  5. Locket: A pendant that opens to reveal a space used for storing a small photograph or other item.


Articles with 'Necklace' in the title

  • Best Friend Necklace: Best Friend Necklaces refer to one of the 80's fashion trend- two (2) necklaces with two (2) halves of a heart which were worn by best friends, by two people, usually teenage girls who d eclared themselves as each other's "best friend"
  • Bib Necklace: Bib Necklace is a type/kind of necklace that covers the decollete similar to a handkerchief necklace. The Bib Necklace curves partly around the neck and can be symmetrical or asymmetrical
  • Dangling Chain Necklace: Dangling Chain Necklace refers to a type of necklace which made of silver, stainless steel, gold, or other substances which is hanging long around the neck about 18 to 24 inches of c hain or shorter and with or without additional decoration . . .
  • Lariat Necklace: Lariat Necklace refers to a type of necklace with open, decorated ends that are looped or knotted instead of clasped. It often has a central decorative finding through which the end s are threaded
  • Opera Length (Necklace): Opera Length (Necklace): Opera Length refers to a single strand necklace which is 26 inches to 36 inches in length and hangs to the breastbone. The Opera Length (Necklace) can be worn in various options
  • Sautoir Necklace: Sautoir Necklace refers to a very long necklace of beads, pearls or chains, which often ends in tassels. This type of necklace first became popular during the Edwardian Era because Qu een Alexandra often wore them


A necklace is an essential fashion accessory that enhances and complements various styles and outfits. From casual to formal wear, necklaces can be simple or elaborate, serving as personal expressions of style or significant cultural symbols. Proper care and awareness of potential risks ensure that these beloved accessories remain in excellent condition and continue to adorn wearers beautifully.


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