Engagement Ring refers to a ring set with a gemstone, which is usually a diamond, that is traditionally given to a woman by a man to signify their intention to be married. In most co untries, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger on the left hand but in countries such as Poland and Ukraine, the engagement ring is worn on the right hand.

Diamonds reign as the top pick of the men to give their brides-to-be (it was said that nearly half of all engagement rings sold feature this stone), however, nowadays, the range of popular alt-rocks keeps growing, from rectangular emerald cuts and vintage-looking cushions, to fiery, flashy princess cuts.

In ancient Rome, called an Annulus Pronubus, Betrothal Rings were metal rings without gemstone adornments given from a man to a woman to illustrate his intention to marry her.
Diamonds emerged as the central element in antique and vintage engagement rings.
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