Giorgio Beverly Hills refers to a well-known fashion Boutique in Beverly Hills, California, United States which was opened in 1961 by owners Fred and Gale Hayman. It was originally a fashion boutique, but in 1981, they created and launched their first perfume called Giorgio Beverly Hills.

Designer Giorgio Beverly Hills had created a variety of perfumes. The earliest editions originate from 1981 and the newest ones from 2009. Giorgio Beverly Hills fragrances are made in association with Perfumers Alain Astori, Bob Aliano, Harry Fremont, Alberto Morillas, Francoise Caron and Jean-Claude Delville. They created fragrances , like Giorgio Beverly Hills for women , Beverly Hills for men in 1984 and VIP Special Reserve for Men in 1986

In 1987, the company was bought by Avon under which it also created varieties of perfumes, namely: Red for Women and Men, and Wings for Women and Men, from its acquisition in 1987 until 1994 when the company was acquired from Avon by Procter & Gamble.

The company now runs not only the original Giorgio Beverly Hills fragrances, but also two (2) European brands, Hugo Boss and Laura Biagotti.

Among the perfumes created by Giorgio Beverly Hills are:
G (1999), Girogio (1981), Girgio Aire (1996) Giorgio for Men (1984), Giorgio Holiday (1998), Ocean Dream (1996),
Ocean Dream Men, Red (1989), Red 2, Red for Men, So You (2002), Sunshine, Wings (1992), and Wings for Men and many others.

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