Glossary I

Intarsia refers to a colored design knitted on both sides of a fabric. Likewise, Intarsia are decorative motifs knitted into a solid color fabric, giving an inlay effect. Patterns on

Interciatto refers to the name of the woven leather used by Bottega Veneta. Bottega Veneta has Interciatto Bags/Purses, Shoes, and even Boots.
Bottega Veneta is the leader in luxur

Inverted Pleat refers to a reversed Box Pleat with folds meeting at the top of the pleat.

Inverted Pleats rfer to a kind of pleats that reverse the fold of the box pleat.

Invisible Sandals refer to sandals made by Nylon thread which was designed by Ferragamo and won the "Neiman Marcus Award" i

Isar refer to wide trousers, usually worn by Muslim men under the Jamah

Ivy Cap refers to an English Driving Cap described as a round soft cloth cap with a small brim which is either sewn down or snapped down and a deeper back. The Ivy, like the Duckbill