Jerome Epinette refers to a perfumer; the nose behind most of the perfumes designed by Byredo Parfums, such as:

Bal d"Afrique (by Byredo 2009)
Chembur (by Byredo 2008)
Fantastic Man (by Byredo 2008)

Green (by Byredo 2008)
Gypsy Water (by Byredo 2008)
Pulp (by Byredo 2008)
Rose Noir (by Byredo 2008)
Pour Homme No. 4 (by Cereus 2008)
Fougere (by Jovoy Paris 2007)
Poudre (by Jovoy Paris 2007)
Lotus for Men (by Lotus 2006)

Byredo is a new perfume brand designed by Byredo Parfums. The earliest editions originate from 2008 and the newest ones from 2009. The nose who worked on Byredo fragrances is Jerome Epinette. (see also Jovoy Paris)

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