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Mosaic is a term used in jewellery that refers to a design made from pieces of different gemstones to create a detail enhanced by each gemstones color.. A mosaic may also be made fr

Motif refers to an element of a design; a recurrent thematic element (shape;; design, color)) in an artistic or literary work; a dominant theme or central idea; a distinctive idea, pa

Motion-Control refer to designs or devices found in athletic shoes that control the inward rolling/pronation of the foot.

Pronation describes a slight inward rolling motion the f

Muff refers to a handbag designed to keep hands warm. Muffs are usually cylinder in shape and covered in fur. See also "cylinder.”

Muff is a a winter bag made of real or faux fur,

Mule refers to a style of footwear which is backless or "no-back" and closed-toe. The more casual form of Mules are called Slides.

Mules were also defined as "half slipper" during

Mushroom Hat refers to the women's Hat with mushroom-like, large downward curving brim, with a shallow crown like the one worn by Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany"s”. The shap

Mutch refers to a woman's or child's linen cap. Likewise, Mutches refers to the close linen or muslin cap of an old woman.

Mutton Chops refer to sidewhiskers narrow at the Top and broad and rounded at the bottom. Sidewhiskers are facial hair worn usually long on the sides of a man's face.

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