Glossary M

Deutsch: Monarch Zug / Español: Tren Monarca / Português: Trem Monarca / Français: Train Monarque / Italiano: Treno Monarca /

Monarch Train refers to a type of wedding Train that falls 3 yards or 9 feet or more from the waistline. Think of Princess Diana's wedding gown and its train, the you have an overview

Money Belt refers to a pouch or purse often worn under a shirt in order to protect valuables from thieves and/or pickpockets. It consists of a Belt with a purse attached to the front..

Mongolian Wool refers to long, curly woolen fibers used as full fluffy collars or trims on garments. Bohemian -styled jackets of the late 1960's were often lined with this curly wool.

Monochromatic is a term that refers to color.. Monochromatic tones mean that the colors, while a different shade, are from t

- Monogram (Jewelry) : Monogram refers to the combination of letters arranged in a pleasing and artistic form and engraved onto jewelry, watches, silverw

Montera which is also known as Montero may refer to:

1. Spanish peaked travelling cap with a spherical crown and flaps for lowering over the ears.

2. The black Hat worn by bull

Montgomery refers to the British type of beret worn by Sir Bernard L. Montgomery in World War II. Montgomery had a dark Blue felt

Deutsch: Mondstein / Español: Piedra lunar / Português: Pedra da lua / Français: Pierre de lune / Italiano: Pietra di luna /

Moonstonerefers to a semi-translucent stone that is made of albite and orthoclase feldspar. Moonstone is the best-known gem variety of orthoclase feldspar. It is usually polished as a Cabochon, or Bead, and has even been carved with a moon face.