Glossary M

Memory is an apparel /fabric term that is used to describe the ability of fabrics to return to their original shape after being stretched or otherwise distorted.

Mercerized Cotton refers to a type of cotton in which a wet finishing process swells the yarns of the fabric to give it a round smooth surface. This wet finishing process results in

Merino Wool refers to a very fine wool sheered from the merino sheep reared in Spain, but also from the sheep reared from Australia and New zealand. It is then spun into yarn that

Mersey Boot refers to a dress boot with zippered side and raised heel. Mersey Boots are also known as "Beatle Boots".

Micro Mosaic Jewelry is jewelry which is made by combining small glass tiles, called tesserae, into intricate designs. Very popular with Italian artisans in the Mid 19th and early 20th century.

Micro Mosaics are practically grains of stone and glass which are usually seen in jewelry (bracelet, earrings, brooches, crucifix) although they were regularly incorporated into eccle

Microfibres refers to a very Thin hair-like fibres or filaments/threads that are made from chemical fibres like polyamide or polyester and which are finer than the finest natural fibr

Midriff refers to a style of women's shirt that falls to just below the bustline, revealing the rib cage and stomach

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