Glossary M

Matelasse' refers to a heavy-weight upholstery textile in Jacquard weave with double sets of warps and wefts. The surface appears to be puffy or cushioned and is also known as double

Deutsch: Material / Español: Material / Português: Material / Français: Matériau / Italiano: Materiale /

"Material" refers to the fabric or textile used to make clothing or accessories.. Different materials have unique properties such as texture, weight, durability, and breathability, which make them suitable for different types of garments.

- Matte (Jewelry) : Matte is a term which refers to a jewelry which has a dull or flat finish rather than the normal shiny one.

Max Motta is a Brazilian Model who won the 2007 Brazil Supermodel. In July 2009, he was already ranked as one of the Top 50 Male models. This young Brazilian with the curly locks has

Memento Mori which literally means, "remember you must die", in Latin is jewellery term that is used to describe items using motifs that invoke remembrances of death, in general, or

Memorial Jewel refers to a type of jewelry made in the Memory of a loved one. It usually contains hair from that person.

Memory is an apparel /fabric term that is used to describe the ability of fabrics to return to their original shape after being stretched or otherwise distorted.

Mercerized Cotton refers to a type of cotton in which a wet finishing process swells the yarns of the fabric to give it a round smooth surface. This wet finishing process results in