Glossary M

Mitra which is also known as Mitre may refer to:

(1) Headband worn by women in ancient Greece;

(2) Tall Asian headdress, regarded by the Romans as effeminate when worn by men; t

Mo refers to a women's pleated Train that is a part of the formal court costume established in Japan by the 8th century.

Mob Cap refers to a large women's indoor cap covering all the hair which was worn in the 18th and 19th centuries. Mob Cap also refers to a woman's linen nightcap which later in era h

Mock Turtleneck refers to a type of knit pullover finished at the neckline with a short, fitted knit band that does not fold over. Mock Turtleneck which is an abbreviated version of

- Mock Wrap (Dress) : Mock Wrap is when a garment appears to be a full wrap, but does not open completely at the top.

Modal refers to a type of rayon that is made from natural fibers but goes through a chemical treatment to ensure it has a high threshold of breakage. Modal is soft and breathable whi

Model refers to a person that serves as the subject for an artist, especially a person employed to pose for a painter, sculptor, or photographer; a person employed to display merchand

A Model agency is an agent having several freelancing models who are free for fashion shows, advertizing spots, photo shootings.

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