Parka refers to a heavy Jacket with a hood, often lined with fur, to protect the face from wind and cold. Parka is often waterproof.

Parka is also called Anorak, Windbreaker, or W indcheater (British)

Parka has the following features:
1. Double ribbon zipper provided with teeth which are encased using a slider in order to close an opening;
2. Bellows pocket - a patch pocket provided with an ease pleat in the middle;
3. Waterproof shell which is a layer that gives protection againts the rain or snow;
4. Thick lining againts cold weather, rain or snow.
5. Snap fastener made of two-parts button which are pressed together;
6. It has raglan sleeve covering the shoulder to the neck; and
7. It has a hood that is sewn-on headgear.
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