Deutsch: Anorak / Español: Anorak / Português: Anorak / Français: Anorak / Italiano: Anorak /

Anorak refers to a hip-length hooded sport and heavy Jacket that is ideal for inclement weather (windy or snowy, especially during winter season). This Jacket was originally worn by

Eskimos and later adapted for use in the Worl war II becoming a popular design for everyday wear during cold months.

Anorak is a jacket that has a drawn-in waist and is generally hooded. It is believed to be an Aleut word (native population of Aleutian Islands, Alaska); a hooded garment usually hip length and used by the native population living by the Arctic Circle to protect themselves from the wind and cold. It has been adapted by the fashion world, and is usually worn on sporting activities.

Anorak is also known as Parka, Windbreaker, or Windcheater (British)

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