Panty is a general term for women's underwear and they are available is different styles and types, among the main panty styles and types are:

(1) Bikini: Top of the panty is be low the waist.

(2) Boy Shorts: Style similar in shape to boy's underwear

(3) Briefs: Top of the panty is at the waist.

(4) French Cut: Leg opening extends higher than normal.

(5) G-String: The rear panel is very small, usually smaller than a thong and may be nothing more that a thing strip of elastic.

(6) String Bikini: A narrow strip of fabric or elastic joints the front and rear panels. Also called "string side”

(7) Tap Pants: Shorts with loose fitting legs, generally rides higher on the sides.

(8) Thong: Minimal coverage on the rear, usually a string or narrow band of material or elastic.
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