Anntian refers to a Berlin-based Clothing brand/line created and founded in 2006 by Anne Hilken and Christian Kult who are both German. Anntian is a collection of awesome fashion, h and-printed graphics and objets d'art, and a jewelry collaboration with Arielle de Pinto. Anntian's first collection for Spring/Summer 2006 "Stripes Back" was presented in July 2006 at the "Ideal-Showroom” Berlin. Since then, two (2) collections a year are shown in Berlin and Paris.

The Collections designed by Anntian always tell a story - they show a very own little world. It's the intention to work on a certain theme, and to show a certain look upon it. It's not intended to produce a short-term fashionable item without any meaning. Of importance is also to involve a design of an Environment or Interieur to make the Fiction complete. One important message Anntian wants to project is: to have an in depth look upon things, to take your time. Graphic/colors are handpainted or handprinted by Anntian which makes every piece inique and abnormal. The clothes are full of hidden details, conceptual authorized, differing and individual. Several of the workingtechniques are also visible in the Anntian clothes in different ways, just like the printing process of the clothes which is actually a paper-printing technique. Anntian collections consist of geometric, stripes, printed, graphic-heavy clothing and accessories that are based on a specific theme. like "Pottery" (Spring/Summer 2009), "The Box"(Autumn/Winter 2008/2009), "Whitecaps (Spring/Summer 2008), "Stripes Back" (Spring/Summer 2007), etc. are given intense, modern, graphic interpretations. Regional manufacturing and the use of ecological fabrics and materials are also important the label.

Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt are the designers behind Anntian, which is actually a combination of the duo's name ("Ann" from Anne and "tian" from Christian). Anne Hilken's background in graphic design, while Christian Kurt is in fashion design.

You should visit Anntian's website: to see their past collections and you will be amazed about the duo's work.

Author's Note: I visited Anntian's website and look at their Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 "Directives", they are lovely, so radical, so avant-garde, it is like you are a "free" person wearing their dresses, not conventional, you wear their dress "as you like". I also visited their past collections, it made my day! Lovely!
List of books: Anntian

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