Roopal Patel refers to the Senior Women's Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman, New York's most stylish department store. Roopal returned to Bergdorf Goodman in January 2003 as the F ashion Director for Women's Apparel after a hiatus that took her to Club Monaco as their US Women's Visual Merchandising Manager. Roopal had previously held the role of Fashion Coordinator, Women's Apparel at Bergdorf Goodman from June 1996 to September 1999. Before joining Bergdorf Goodman, Roopal had also been the Marketing Editor for Conde Nast Publications.

Roopal Patel earned a marketing degree from New York University (NYU) and when not attending her classes she folded clothes at Urban Outfitters. After graduating, she worked at several SoHo boutiques and in visual merchandising at Club Monaco, before joining as market editor and the online home of Vogue. She is not only a front row regular at Fashion Week in New York, Milan, and Paris, but she works along-side top designers and fashion editors recognizing the most unique and bodacious styles of the season, and choosing which of these are to become the next high-fashion trends. Many iconic celebrities consider Roopal a trusted fashion consultant, and she is often sighted hanging out and vacationing at exclusive hot spots through out the cosmopolitan world.

As Bergdorf Goodman's senior women's fashion director, Patel helps set the style guidelines for New York's social elite. Likewise, along with Linda Fargo, Patel decides which designers will make it into Bergdorf's coveted halls. Patel is often the one called upon to represent the store at fashionable events around town and she's become a staple at fundraisers and galas. (See Linda Fargo)

Currently, in addition to her position at Bergdorf, she works as a freelance style critic.
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