Missoni refers to the fashion house founded in Gallarate, Varese, Italy, in 1953, by Ottavio Missoni (better known as Tai) and his wife Rosita (formerly Rosita Jelmeni). The Missoni

label, created in 1958, is known for its fluidity and colour of its creations, which have an affinity to art.
Missoni was also famous for unique ready-to-wear knits. They specializes in knitwear for men and women. 

Missoni is one of those Italian fashion companies that have kept a powerful tradition when creating new products. It is one of the businesses that took off with post war fashion in the 60's and 70's

The huge luxury empire that it now represents started business in 1953 as a small fashion studio in the basement of Rosita and Ottavio's house in Sumirago, a little town near Milan.

In the beginning, they only manufactured sportswear, because the two of them first met each other at the Olympic Games in 1948 where Ottavio was competing for the Italian national team.

Missoni familyThey began diversifying their product lines when a local department store asked them to create dresses for them to sell.
Missoni's ascent to the mainstream

The family business really took off when Diana Vreeland, one of American Vogue's editors mentioned their truly unique designs in the highly popular magazine. That propelled Missoni into the forefront of the 70s fashion.

The 70's were Missoni's years. In that period, the family business grew tremendously, making its way even to the most select markets of the world.

The home wear collection is still designed by Rosita, now aged 73. The fashion side of Missoni is maintained by her children, Angela, Luca and Vittorio.

The colored stripes that characterized Missoni in the early days are still present adding a touch of tradition into all their creations. Rosita's children helped the company find a younger audience by adding their own youthful personality into their work. Angela Missoni took over the company in the late 1990 and increased brand awareness by designing her own line and introduced a line of footwear and wide range of licensing.

As Vittorio Missoni once said, "When somebody buys Missoni, they know they are buying a little story, it's not just a nice color, a fashionable item, it's something that has history and tradition and will not be fashionable today and out tomorrow. You are buying something that is going to last for a long time."

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Celebrities who wear Missoni includes Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman.

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