Glossary T

Tholia refers to the high, pointed hat with a brim worn by women of ancient Greece. It is also described as a _women's straw hat of Ancient Greece, wide and flat with a peaked crown.

Thomas Wylde Handbags refer to handbags designed by
Paula Thomas who was born in England in 1966 and moved to London at the age of 17 to be a Model in the early 80"s. After 16 years

Thong refers to a type of sandal featuring a V-strap connected to the Shoe between the big toe and second toe, and at the sides of the footbed.

Thong is also known as a Flip-Flop.

Three-quarter-sleeve is a type of sleeves which reach just below the elbow.

Throwback Uniforms refer to sports team uniforms designed to look like the team_s past uniforms. Throwbacks are popular in both pro and college athletics.

Tie-Cinched Waist refers to a Waist that is pulled tight around the body with a tie.

Tie-Dye refers to a method of producing colorful swirled patterns on cloth by tying it with string, rubberbands, etc. to shield parts of the fabric from the dye. Tie-dyed Clothing was

Tiered is a term used to describe a dress or skirt made up of layers of varying lengths. Tiered is made of several horizontal layers of dress or skirt, each wider than the one above.