Glossary W

Wash-And-Wear refers to a fabric treated to be easily washable and to require no ironing. Wash-And-Wear clothes are very easy to maintain, you just wash, hang to dry and you can wear

Watch Pin refers to a decorative pin which was worn on a woman's bodice, that suspends a small watch from a loop on the rev

Watteau Train refers to a type/style of a Train that is
characterized by the way the single panel attaches to the Top of the dress, either at the shoulders or the upper back of th

- Wayne Finkelman (1947 - 1994) : Wayne Finkelman refers to a Costume Designer who won the 2002 Edith Head Award given by the Costume and Design Guild. He was recognized for being a Costume Designer from 1970's to 90's for

Weather Permit is a job done on Location that depends on the weather being good or dependent on fair weather which maybe cancelled the day before or the morning of the Location job.

- Weekender (Handbag/Bag) : Weekender refers to a type of bag which has no special patter. It is called a "weekender bag" as long as it can contain clothes for travelling over a "weekend" and other important things nee

Weepers refers to the white bands worn on the sleeve to indicate deep mourning.

Weft refers to the horizontal threads in a woven fabric which is also referred to as "picks".

Weft refers also to individual pieces of locks of either human or synthetic hair tha