Glossary Z

Zipper Boots refer to the type/kind of boots which have zippers for closure often sewn on the inseam. A knee-high or tall boots which have long zippers are generally easy to wear on a

Zipper Pull refers to a metal accessory that allows for
the opening of a zipper; usually in various shaped and sizes.

Deutsch: Zirkon / Español: Circón / Português: Zircônia / Français: Zircon / Italiano: Zircone /

Zircon refers to a brown to colorless mineral, which is heated, cut, and polished to form a brilliant blue-white gem.

Zircon also called Zircon Silicate is a lustrous gemstone th

Zoisite refers to a gray, brown, or pink mineral, used in ornamental stonework.

Zoisite which is also known as Calcium-Aluminum Silicate is also described as a gray-green mineral

Zoltan Halasz is a fashion Illustrator who was born in Hungary in 1957. Zoltan Halasz started his fashion career in 1975 after finishing school by working for a fashion magazine in

Zona refers to a broad flat Belt which Greek girls wore until they got married - the proper point when her husband would remove it after the ceremony.

Zoot Suit Hat refers to a C-crown fedora with a 7.5 cm (3-inch) snap brim, usually with contrasting trim. It is usually worn with Zoot Suit of the 1940's (see Zoot Suit)

Zori refer to Japanese sandals made from rice straw or lacquered wood and are worn with a kimono for formal occasions. However, Japanese traditional footwear is not seen that often t