- Batwing (Sleeve) : Batwing refers to a long, broad sleeve shape made from a large triangular piece of fabric from the shoulder to the wrist then joining wrist to waist.

Batwing is a sleeve of a garment wit h a deep armhole and tight wrist. It is a type of Dolman sleeve which is cut wide at the armhole

Batwing Sleeve was very popular in the 1980's

Celebrities spotted wearing Batwing Sleeves are
Beyonce; Malin Akerman who wore Max Azria designed dress with Batwing Sleeves to his runway show; Heidi Klum showing her Jordache line, Klum wore a design of a shirt with a Batwing Sleeve from the collection; and Zoe Saldana
white top with Batwing Sleeves which she wore during the Rosa Cha show.
List of books: Batwing,(Sleeve)

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