Deck Shoe refers to a type of Shoe originally meant to be worn aboard a boat, usually with a siped, non-slip outsole, often with side lacing details, almost always a casual Shoe you c an wear with or without socks. Deck Shoes are often light-weight, and with canvas uppers, slip-on or lace-up, but specifically with soft, flexible, non-marking soles to protect the walking area or deck of boats from rubber marks and scratches.

One of the most popular Deck/boat Shoe is Sperry, although, there were other brands back in the 80's until these days. Brown or neutral and navy blue were the popular color of Boat Shoe. Boat Shoes are great with Nantucket Reds or with Khaki shorts and jeans for a complete nautical look.

Deck Shoe is popularly known as Boat Shoe.
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