Flange Dart refers to a tuck at the back shoulder and armhole intersection of a shirt or blouse that is intended to allow more movement in the arms.

In the fashion context, a flange dart refers to a type of dart that is used to create shape and contour in a garment. It is a dart that extends from the edge of a garment piece and is stitched down to create a flange-like effect. Flange darts are commonly used in the construction of tailored garments such as jackets, coats, and blazers.

Examples of garments that may use flange darts include:

  • A tailored blazer with flange darts at the front and back waist to create a fitted silhouette.
  • A trench coat with flange darts at the back to create a flattering shape.
  • A sheath dress with flange darts at the bust and waist to create a streamlined look.

Flange darts can be subtle or bold depending on the design and fabric of the garment. They are often used in combination with other dart types, such as bust darts or waist darts, to create a flattering and tailored fit.


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