Deutsch: Motiv / Español: Motivo / Português: Motivo / Français: Motif / Italiano: Motivo /

Motif refers to an element of a design; a recurrent thematic element (shape;; design, color)) in an artistic or literary work; a dominant theme or central idea; a distinctive idea, pa rticularly a theme elaborated on a piece of artistic work (music, literature, fashion, etc). Motif also refers to a single decoration, such as a symbol or name on a piece of clothing.

Motif is pronounced "moh-teef".

Example: The Motif of my nephews wedding was yellow green or apple green, so all the dresses of his secondary sponsors, my brides maid, maid of honor, flower girls, the lace decoration of the church and the restaurant where we partied after the church ceremony was all in yellow green or apple green.

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