Power Dressing is a term which means the "wearing of expensive business Clothing to indicate status". Power Dressing became fashionable among working men and women in the United State s and Great Britain during the 1980s.

Power Dressing means: (1) tailored business suit, or power suit; (2) expensive accessories like cellular phones, electronic date books, laptop computers, and luxury sports cars, like BMW, Jaguar, or Porsche. The aim of Power Dressing was to look like an executive whether you are or not.

Giorgio Armani created the most popular brand of power suit. Since, these Armani suits were beyond the budgets of regular working men, he introduced less expensive lines of ready-to-wear suits. These suits became a symbol of business success for fashionable white-collar working men. Other designers sought by Power Dressers were Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino.
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