Acosta refers to a Spanish leather goods (including bags, belts, foottwear) label created in 1942 by Cecilio Acosta, who opened a small workshop in Madrid, Spain producing custom-made

bags and belts. Since then, Acosta became one of the Spanish capital's top names in leather goods. Likewise, Acosta became one of Spain's most traditional footwear and leather goods brands through its top-quality craftsmanship

The firm opened its first Acosta shop in the late 1950's in Calle Hermosilla, in the very heart of Madrid's chic Barrio de Salamanca, where it continue to offer customers high quality and best designed leather goods.

Over the years, the firm consolidated its position in Spain and today has a nationwide network of more than 30 shops. Acosta also expanded globally by exporting its leather products to countries including Germany, France and Portugal in the 90's. The Asian market is currently a major target in its growth strategy, particularly China and Japan, where Acosta sells its products through top department stores and multi-brand retailers. For the past four (4) seasons, its collections have been available from Hong Kong's prestigious Lane Crawford department store. It has also set its sights on other objectives as part of this solid international venture, including Russia -where it has taken part in Collection Premiere Moscow (CPM).

To keep up with the latest trends, the firm launched a fresh and original collection called a! de Acosta line in 2003 designed by Barbara Ruiz, who was the previous head of Acosta Junior.

Acosta is available throughout Spain and in Lisbon (Portugal), Moscow (Russia),


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