Bottega Veneta refers to the Italian luxury leather house renowned for its signature intrecciato woven leather.. Vittorio and Laura Moltedo founded Bottega Veneta in 1966 in Vicenza, Italy as a leather goods maker. In 2000, they expanded their lines into clothing. In 2001, the Gucci Group bought Bottega Veneta and also in the same year, German designer Tomas Maier took over as head designer

Bottega Veneta's supremely well-crafted clothing, shoes and bags have long been considered must-buys for any fashionista. Veneta leather goods are all handcrafted in Italy. Their classic lines and woven leather, called Intrecciato (meaning woven or interwoven), is a signature element.

Likewsie, Bottega Veneta forewent bold logos, priding itself instead on symbolizing subtle luxury; or, as the company slogan went: "When your own initials are enough.” In acronyms and logos, Bottega Veneta introduced an iconic leather-weaving technique called Intrecciato, which continues to mark Bottega Veneta's coveted leather goods (namely the collectible Cabat, Knot and Veneta bags) today.

Among their luxurious products is the intrecciato woven leather boots with a fantastic woven leather wrapping around the shin and calf ; and Struzzo Intrecciato Bag. It is made from their signature woven leather in exotic supple ostrich. Other products with their signature woven leather are: Impero satin clutch, Tornabuoni woven leather bag, Intrecciato leather belt, Intrecciato ballet flats, among many others.

Among Bottega Veneta's celebrity clients are: Ashley Olsen, Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively, Reese Winterspoon

For more of Bottega Veneta's products, visit their website - Check also and shopstyle -

My favorite! Bottega Veneta Minicrochet, their "Knot" Collection are all lovely, and the big Cavat Tote which is being used by Reese Winterspoon, the blue and white Leather Intrecciato Bucket Bag.

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