Glossary K

Kebaya refers to a light loose tunic of a type worn in Malaysia and Indonesia by both sexes. Likewise, Kebaya refers to a short tight-fitting long-sleeved jacket, together with a sar

Kelly Bag refers to a Hermes bag named after Hollywood movie star Grace Kelly who later became the Princess Grace of Monaco. Princess Grace was hardly ever seen separated from her Her

Kepi refers to an army cap adopted by French troops in Algiers. Kepi is a French military cap with flat-topped crown, circular top, a horizontal peak, and stiff horizontal visor.

Kepresh refers to the war headdress of the Pharaoh.

Keshi is the Japanese word which literally means something as tiny as you can imagine, such as a grain of sand, referred originally very small pearls, however, nowadays, Keshi is a

Keyhole refers to an opening in a garment usually around the Cleavage area or upper back so named because it is supposed to resemble the shape of keyhole opening, although it is more

Khalta refer tp small purses used by Uzbek women to hold personal items.

Kholkal refers to Tunisian gold or silver anklets.