Glossary M

Manteau refers to a loose mantle or cloak worn during the 17th century. It was a fashion that arose in the 1680's. Today, however, the Manteau also used to describe a long overcoat

Mantelet refers to a shawl worn around the shoulders. Moreover, Mantelet is a women's short, loose, sleeveless cloak.

Mantelet is also known as Mantlet.

Mantilla refers to the veil Draped over head and shoulders which originated in Spain. Mantilla refers to a light scarf, often made from black lace, worn over the head and shoulders, e

Mantua refers to a woman's loose gown of the 17th and 18th centuries. Mantua is spelled after the Italian city of the same name, but originally from French "manteau".

Maple Ankle Boot is one example of an ethical fashion. It is a type of ankle boot that is made from recycled quilts made by Terra Plana.Terra Plana is a footwear designer and producer

Marcel Guerlain refers to the founder of Marcel Guerlain perfumery in 1923 and produced perfumes and cosmetics. Marcel Guerlain opened a splendid shop at 86 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Hon

Marcolin refers to the global leader in high-end eyewear manufacturing, an Italian eyemaker which produced and distributed approximately 5.5 million pairs of glasses in more than 60

Margaritifera refers to a ytpe of mussels that is used to produce freshwater pearls.

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