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Malcolm Starr refers to a popular American ready-to-wear manufacturer who produced impeccable, elegant fashion during the 1960's and 1970's. Malcolm Starr's designed clothes were di

Mandarin Collar refers to a type of Collar consisting of a standing band that wraps about the neck and is slightly open in the front.. Mandarin Collar became popular in the 1960's on

Deutsch: Mantel / Español: Abrigo / Português: Sobretudo / Français: Manteau / Italiano: Cappotto /

Manteau refers to a loose mantle or cloak worn during the 17th century. It was a fashion that arose in the 1680's. Today, however, the Manteau also used to describe a long overcoat

Mantelet refers to a shawl worn around the shoulders. Moreover, Mantelet is a women's short, loose, sleeveless cloak.

Mantelet is also known as Mantlet.

Mantilla refers to the veil Draped over head and shoulders which originated in Spain. Mantilla refers to a light scarf, often made from black lace, worn over the head and shoulders, e

Deutsch: Mantua / Español: Mantua / Português: Mantua / Français: Mantua / Italiano: Mantua /

Mantua refers to a woman's loose gown of the 17th and 18th centuries. Mantua is spelled after the Italian city of the same name, but originally from French "manteau".

Deutsch: Herstellung / Español: Manufactura / Português: Manufatura / Français: Fabrication / Italiano: Manifattura

Manufacture in the fashion context refers to the process of making clothing, footwear, or accessories. This involves a range of activities from the initial design and development of products to the actual production of the items on a commercial scale.

Deutsch: Mao-Kragen / Español: Cuello Mao / Português: Gola Mao / Français: Col Mao / Italiano: Colletto Mao

Mao Collar is a style of collar on a garment that stands upright around the neck without traditional collar flaps, also known as a mandarin collar or band collar.