Best Friend Necklaces refer to one of the 80's fashion trend - two (2) necklaces with two (2) halves of a heart which were worn by best friends, by two people, usually teenage girls who d eclared themselves as each other's "best friend". Common and popular in the 80's among those in the adolescent age, especially among teenage girls.

Best Friend Necklaces which were composed of two (2) necklaces were packaged together_two separate halves of a heart with the combined inscription "Best Friend.” Two girls who are best friends wore each one of the two half-heart necklaces as a pledge to the friendship. One half of the heart necklace has the inscription "Be Fri" and the other half of the heart necklace has the inscription "st end", to form the word "Best Friend" (Be st Fri end).

Young girls started this Best Friend Necklace trend after the trend of trading colorful beaded safety pins faded away. During the 80's, teenage girls, traded colorful beaded safety pins that they made for each other as a symbol of their friendly bond. These colorful beaded safety pins were pinned on the laces of their sneakers to advertise their friendship bonds, however, the aim of wearing and trading these safety oins as a symbol of friendly bonds was overshodowed by a fierce competition. Some acquired as many as beaded pins as possible, some even make their own so they can show everybody else how popular they are, it was just like a popularity contest among teenage girls.

The same is true with the next trend which was the trading of Friendship Bracelet. These bracelets were self-made and personalized braided thread bracelet that is tied around the wrist. Teenage girls who traded these bracelets, even started to learn how to weave to make their own personalized colorful designs, and even personalized messages to give to their friends. Since they are self-made, they are somehow a "labor of love" to be given to somebody they love- their friends. Friendship Bracelet became very popular, not only because it was nice to receive them, but also because everyone wanted a unique and special bracelet to add to their colorful collection on their wrist. However, the personalized and self-made Friendship bracelets were mass produced and sold very cheap. Anyone can buy as much as she wants and cheating was very easy, just buy as many Friendship Bracelet and make plenty of colorful beaded safety pins, then you can boast that you have lots of friends, hence the popularity of these two trends faded out.

Like any other trend, Best Friend Necklace also faded out. Maybe Paris Hilton who popularized BFF trend wants to start this trend again. I really think that this Best Friend Necklace is a very lovely idea, if not use improperly.

Author's Note: Come to think of it, I realized I never had a best friend when I was a teenager, I had my best friend when I was already 40 years old! But with this Best Friend Necklace, I got an idea, I will ask a jeweler to make a silver necklace for me with 2 half of a heart and I will send one to my best friend who is now living in Abu Dhabi, not to display that I have a friend, but so that we will always be reminded of each other, since we live separate lives now.