Glossary A

American Rag refers to a California-based company providing fashion and accessories to hip, young urban trendsetters.

The first American Rag was opened in San Francisco in 1984 as

American Sleeve refers to a "no sleeve" design with a large diagonal cut from the base of the neck to the bottom of the arm

Ammana refers to a large wound or spiraled turban worn by the Muslims.

Ann-Sofie Back refers to a Swedish-born fashion designer.
Ann-Sofie Back graduated Fashion Design from Beckmans College of Art and Design in Stockholm, then she continued her educat

Anna Holtblad refers to a Swedish designer who claimed recognition when she launched a collection based on feminine shapes and streamline silouettes amongst a jungle of shoulder pads

Annealing is a jewellery term referring to the process of heating and pounding glass, metal or pottery to harden it.

Annealing is the process of heating a metal and then cooling it

Annick Menardo is a Perfumer who was born in Cannes. Annick Menardo who is an only child wanted to be a psychiatrist. After studying medicine, biochemistry and chemistry, she discover

Annie Buzantian is a Master Perfumer who was first exposed to the exotic ingredients of perfumery in Constanza, Romania, where she was born. Later Annie Buzantian spent time in Leban