Glossary A

Aba refers to a loose gown worn in the Muslim world.

It is a fabric woven from the hair of camels or goats. A loose sleeveless outer garment worn as traditional dress by men in t

Abaete refers to the fashion label launched in 2004 with a well-received, Japanese Inspired resort collection by its owner and designer Laura Poretzky, a French-Brazilian fashion des

Abe Lincoln Hat refers to the tall stovepipe Top Hat . It was named after President Abraham Lincoln who wore a Hat during h

Abolla refers to the Roman military cloak, worn short in length, over one shoulder and fastened at the throat with a fibula

Accessocraft refers to the Accessocraft Products Corp. which is a company that produces costume jewelry, belts, buttons, and other accesories in a variety of styles. Accessocraft was

Accurist refers to a London-based, family-run watch manufacturer offering both men and women quality timepieces in various metals and styles at an affordable price point. Accurist was founded by Asher and Rebecca Loftus in 1946, the company is now owned by brothers Andrew and Richard Loftus.

Achkan refers to an Indian long-sleeved coat-like garment buttoned in the front and reaching down to the knees or lower and is buttoned in front-middle. This garment is worn byIndian

Acosta refers to a Spanish leather goods (including bags, belts, foottwear) label created in 1942 by Cecilio Acosta, who opened a small workshop in Madrid, Spain producing custom-made