Glossary A

Annie Hall is the late 1970's look popularized by Diane Keaton from the movie entitled "Annie Hall". This "Annie Hall" fashion consisted of dropping hat, long vest, wide tie, baggy pa

Anntian refers to a Berlin-based Clothing brand/line created and founded in 2006 by Anne Hilken and Christian Kult who are both German. Anntian is a collection of awesome fashion, h

Anorak refers to a hip-length hooded sport and heavy Jacket that is ideal for inclement weather (windy or snowy, especially during winter season). This Jacket was originally worn by

Anosmia refers to the inability to smell. A person can have either full or partial Anosmia. A person with full Anosmia can not smell anything at all, while a person with partial A

Antique is a descriptive word which means: in the tradition, fashion, or style of an earlier period; old-fashioned; antiquated. Likewise, it means: belonging to, made in, or typical o

Antique Finish is a Shoe making term referring to the upper finished to give an impression of old and well cared leather by applying dressing to the upper and immediately removing the

Antique Jewelry refers to a jewelry that is 100 or more years old. In order to be considered "Antique", a jewelry or any embellishment accessory, like brooches, pins, etc. must be at

Antoine Lie refers to a perfumer from Swiss giant Givaudan who was the "nose" and creator of many famous brands of perfumes. He also created some award winning fragrances,
among An