Glossary A

Alamandine refers to a type of violet-tinged variety of garnet that ranges in color from deep red to reddish-brown. Almandine is the most common kind of Garnet. Star Garnets are Alma

Alba refers to a Japanese watch brand which was established in 1979 as a sub-division of the Seiko Watch Corporation. The word Alba itself originates from an "ancient” word for the d

Albert refers to a men's slipper style footwear with a tongue like extension of the upper over the instep.

Albert chain refers to a watch chain named after the style of watch chain that Prince Albert wore during the Victorian period. Traditionally this style of watch chain has a bar on on

Alberto Morillas is an internationally celebrated Master Perfumer who was born in Sevilla, Spain in 1950. Morillas is self-trained in the art of perfumery. He has worked for Firmeni

Aldao is a jewelry house which was founded by Don Manuel Fernandez-Aldao y Balbis in 1911. Aldao is located today at 15 Gran Via in Madrid. For five (5) generations, the family has de

Aldo Martin's refers to a Spanish company which specialises in the design, production and sale of women's knitwear. It was created by Marti Bisbal in Igualada, Barcelona, Spain in 197