Croissant Bag refers to a style of bag which is the offspring of Baguette Bag. Croissant Bag has originated from Fendi 2000 Croissant, a miniature offspring of the Baguette Bag.

F endi was founded by Edoardo and Adele Fendi. They opened the first Fendi store in Rome in 1925, where they sold leather and furs. They first bags they made were hand stitched and pliable. They had five daughters: Paola, Anna, Francia, Carla and Alda fendi, which all joined the company after World War II. In 1965 they hired Karl Lagerfeld, who brought panache and style to the house. Seventies and Eighties bags had stylish caramel and chocolate stripes, and by the 1990's it was time for a change.

In March 1997 Silvia Venturini Fendi, a third generation Fendi, introduced the Baguette. She introduced richer colors and wilder fabrics. Some women think of baguettes as "beanie babies for grownups". Baguettes are made in the Zucca and Zucchino fabrics, and special edition baguettes are introduced each season.

Soon after came the Croissant Bag, a miniature offspring of the Baguette.

Croissant is a classic representative of the leather series of Fendi. Its well-known decocrative seam line pressure seems more famous than its double F logo.For young women, the pure hand-made croissant is very expensive.Therefore, Fendi successfully developed a kind of gloss canvas and made several different style Croissants. This year, 2009, freshdark green with a bold orange color combinations is the most creative styles.

My favorite! The Louis Vuitton Croissant Bag
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