Clerical collar is a specific type of collar that is an important part of Christian clerical clothing. The collar closes at the back of the neck, presenting a white band or square at the front and is usually worn by clergy such as priests, deacons, and bishops.


The clerical collar, also known as a Roman collar or simply a dog collar, is a distinguishing feature of Christian clergy's attire. It consists of a white collar that encircles the neck and is often made of cotton, polyester, or a blend of materials for ease of care and durability. The prominence of the white band around the neck serves as a symbol of religious commitment and is recognized globally as a sign of clerical status.

Special Details

The collar is traditionally worn with a cassock or clerical shirt, which can be either black or another color depending on the denomination or religious occasion. It has evolved over centuries from more elaborate clerical wear to the simplified, modern version known today.

Application Areas

  • Religious Services: Worn during masses, ceremonies, and other church services.
  • Daily Wear: Many clergy members wear the clerical collar daily as a sign of their vocation and commitment.
  • Formal Occasions: Often part of the formal attire for religious leaders during significant events and rituals.

Well-Known Examples

  • Catholic Priests: Typically wear a black cassock with a clerical collar.
  • Anglican Clergy: May wear a clerical shirt with a detachable collar during services or as part of their daily attire.
  • Eastern Orthodox Priests: Usually wear a cassock with a distinct style of clerical collar or none at all, depending on the tradition.


The clerical collar is a symbol of religious authority and dedication in many Christian denominations. It's a simple yet profound marker of clerical life, easily recognized and laden with spiritual significance.


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