Guo Pei is one of China's top fashion designers. She was a native of Beijing and was born in 1967. Guo Pei operates at the haute Couture end of the fashion sector in China. Guo Pein is famous for dressing local actresses and singers, a score of who sat front row in the Conference Hall of the China World Hotel during her show for the 2006 China Fashion Week. Also, she was famous for turning down a Milan Fashion Week invitation in order to show her collection domestically

Guo Pei worked for a number of fashion companies before becoming chief designer for the newly established Tianma (Heavenly Horse) Clothing Company, Peking, in 1989, which quickly became one of China's most popular womens labels. Guo Pei first gained attention as chief designer of Tianma Clothing Company, one of China's most popular women's labels of the early 90's. During Guo's six-year employment, 250 of her garments were produced, totalling some 400,000 items. In 1995 Guo Pei moved to the Milano Fashion Company Limited, a Taiwanese-American joint venture. While working with Milano, Guo Pei continued to design her own independent collections. In 1996 she resigned and established her own company Meiguifang (Mayflower) and has since been regarded as one of China's top designers. In November 2006, she impressed a packed out audience of 1,500 in Beijing for the first full day of China Fashion Week.
She presented her collection of grand crinolines in Montblanc ice and beige hues, ragged chiffon cocktail dresses with 15-foot trains and columns in shards of sequin-bedecked crystal.
Her dresses have hints of John Galliano and Alexander McQueen, but Guo Pei very much does her own thing, from the traditional wooden heeled shoes that morphed into red carpet platforms to the exquisitely finished Chinoserie beading and embroidering. During the show, she also showed that she can also cut a mean suit and that she is also a great tailor as shown in a series of midnight blue jackets and boleros with sky blue embroidery and extended chiffon fringes.

Guo Pei was named one of China's top ten designers in 1997.
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