Glossary J

Deutsch: Schmuckzubehör / Español: Componentes de joyería / Português: Componentes de joias / Français: Apprêts de bijoux / Italiano: Forniture per gioielli /

Jewelry Findings refer to the component parts or materials used in making a piece of jewelry.

Jobbers refer to wholesale companies which are hired, by the job, to manufacture jewelry designed by other companies.

Deutsch: Jockey-Mütze / Español: Gorra de jinete / Português: Boné de jóquei / Français: Casquette de jockey / Italiano: Berretto da fantino /

Jockey Cap refers to the cloth cap with close-fitting 6-panel crown with a small, wide brim at the front..

Jodhpur Boot refers to a low-cut boot used primarily for equestrian activities. May be laced or a twin Gore pull-on style.

Jodhpur Boot is also known as Chukka Boor or Chelsea Boot

Jodhpurs refer to a wide-hipped pants of heavy cloth, fitting tightly from knee to ankle. Moreover, Jodhpurs is a
style of trouser that fits loosely about the hips and tight-fittin

Johnny Collar refers to a type of Collar described as small, and flat used on shirts and shirtdresses.

Jonquil refers to the highly fragrant essence derived from a flower of the Narcissus family, rare because it is difficult to distill. Used in perfumery.

Joseph Marie Jacquard refers to the nineteenth-century French inventor of the special loom where elaborate fabric called Jacquard is woven on. Today this decorative weave is used in