Glossary J

Jouy Print refers to a Cambric fabric from France.

Judit Masco refers to an actress, TV presenter and a Catalan Spanish Model who was born in Barcelona, Spain on October 12, 1969. She attended the University of Barcelona, the Languages Secti

Juicy Couture refers to the Los Angeles-based brand of Clothing which was founded by best friends Pamela and Gela. Juicy strives to create a lifestyle wardrobe. They offer sexy basics

Juliet Cap refers to the round close-fitting skull mesh cap worn by women , a Hat style which dates back to the Renaissance which were decorated with jewels and pearls. It is a small,

Juliette Sleeve refers to a type/style of sleeve which is fitted over the forearm and puffed at the top. It is Inspired by Renaissance styles of sleeves.

Juliette Sleeve is charac

Jumpsuit refers to a one-piece garment that combines a shirt and trousers and usually closes up the front. Jumpsuits are originally worn by aviators and parachute troopers during Worl

Jungle Jap Shops refer to shops which was opened by Kenzo Takada in 1970. Jungle Jap was the first Boutique opened by Kenzo Tekada as a freelance designer.

(see Kenzo Tekada)

Juni Hitoe refers to the Japanese noblewoman's full court costume meaning "twelve layers" or "twelve clothes". The Juni Hitoe has been an enduring symbol of tradition and wealth in Ja