Glossary P

Posy Holder is a term used in jewelery that refers to a small horn-shaped container for holding live flowers which usually features a straight pin and finger ring to secure it.

Power Dressing is a term which means the "wearing of expensive business Clothing to indicate status". Power Dressing became fashionable among working men and women in the United State

Praetexta refers to a Toga with purple edge which is worn by some Roman magistrates and pre-adult boys.

Prasiolite refers to a green-colored form of Quartz also known as vermarine, lime citrine, green quartz, or green amethyst made into fashionable jewelry.

Precious Metal refers to any metal Alloy which contains gold, silver or platinum that has a minimum amount of fineness which meets the standards detailed in the Precious Metals Markin

Preppy is a fashion term that is used to describe Clothing and accessories Inspired by private-school style.

Princess Cut regers to a square cut gemstone which is facetted similar to an Emerald Cut above the girdle and facetted like a Round Brilliant Cut below the girdle.

Princess Seams refer to a type of seams that extend from mid-armhole to the edge of the garment to give it shape and definition. Princess Seams are long and vertical, designed to crea