Ripped Jeans refer to a type of jeans which are splitted, rented, ripped, bleached, excessively torn, snag, or frayed; some have small rips, while other jeans have big holes. Moreover , they are a style of jeans with rips, torns and snags that gave the denim a distressed, vintage look.

Popularized in the 1980's, it is making a comeback this summer of 2009, and after being featured on the recent
Alexander Wang and Martin Margiela runways, many celebrities and fashionistas embraced the trend, among the celebrities who sport the look are Jessica Alba, Kim Kadarshian, Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox, Kate Hudson, Katie Holmes, and many more. Ripped jeans are available in many fashion stores in different fit and color - from super-skinny worn by Rihanna, bell bottom/flared (worn by Katie Holmes) to a roomier pegged, boyfriend jean, while the colors range from black, white to a lighter blue wash.

The trend shows that Ripped jeans can be paired with T-shirts for daytime wear and with popular sheer top for night, also with leather jackets. I would like to say, I like what I am seeing.

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