Glossary S

- Studded (Lingerie) : Studded Lingerie refers to any lingerie that uses studs and crystals (usually Swarovski crystal) as decoration or embellishment.

Sub-Dial refers to a smaller dial set within the watch's main dial. Common Sub-Dials are used as stopwatches or timers, date windows or even altimeters.

Suberakashi refers to the Japanese elaborate Coiffure worn as part of the Juni-Hitoe, consisting of a lacquered, gold-sprinkled Comb surmounted by a gold-lacquered chrysanthemum crest

Submissions is a modelling term that refers to the process of making submissions - when a Model sends her Comp Card and a letter introducing herself to the agencies in her market.

Substantial is a term used in jewellery referring to jewelries that is either large, heavy or laden with gemstones.

Substantivity is a term in perfumery referring to how long a fragrance lasts on a particular surface, and how it is affected by temperature, humidity, and other such conditions.

Subucula refers to the wool under-tunic worn by the Romans to protect from them from cold.

Suede refers to any type of leather with a soft, napped finish. Suede is difficult to clean, generally not easy to water-proof. Often used in jackets, skirts, shoes, and handbags.