Glossary S

- Straight legs (Jeans) : Straight legs refer style/cut of denim jeans which is the most common fit of jeans. It is called "Straight Leg" when the width of thigh is equal to the width of leg opening

Straight Skirt refers to a type of skirt with straight Line with no flare at the hem or waistline.

Straight Skirt is also known as Pewncil Skirt of Column Skirt.

Straight-Legs refers to the type of pant legs which are cut with an equal width from Waist to ankle.

Strappy Back refers to an Open Back style, but with multiple straps designed in various ways, some like simple cobwebs as a design detail. Strappy Back is for avant-garde look, which

Strass refers to a clear glass of high lead content and brilliance that is cut into stones resembling diamonds. Strass which is also known as "Paste" is named after the Parisian jewe

Stretch Lace refers to a type/kind of lace designed with stretch ability to create form fit and to conform to the body.. It is a lace that stretches providing a better fit and more c

Stuart Weitzman is a Spanish Shoe designer. Stuart Weitzman began designing shoes in the early 1960's for his father's company, Seymour Shoes (also sold under the Mr. Seymour label).

Studded is a term used to describe Clothing materials, like shoes/sandals, Belt and purses/bags decorated with metal studs or crystals (usually Swarovski).

Examples are Studded san